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Rudy Sciarra Episodes

October 10, 2022

The Gaslight - Part 2: The Marfeo/Melei Murder Trial

The Marfeo-Melei murder trial finally begins, and Jack Kelley takes the stand. Raymond Patriarca has his chance to confront Jack! We finally reveal what happened to SA Gerard Comen. And Nina has a big announcement! Disorganiz...

FBI Informants Raymond Patriarca Maurice "Pro" Lerner Jack "Red" Kelley Marfeo Rudy Sciarra

September 12, 2022

Jack's Justice - Part 1 - The First Round of Arrests

Welcome back to the first episode of Season Two. Pro Lerner, Bobby Fairbrothers, John E Rossi and Rudy Sciarra are all arrested on charges stemming from the 1968 double homicide of Rudy Marfeo and Anthony Melei. Richie and SA...

FBI H. Paul Rico Raymond Patriarca Maurice "Pro" Lerner Jack "Red" Kelley Richard Chicofsky Ronald Chisholm Louis Manocchio Marfeo Rudy Sciarra

June 20, 2022

As the Coin-O-Matic Turns - Federal Hill 1966 - Willie Marfeo & Angelo Di Palma Hits - Plus a Little Louis Manocchio

On July 13, 1966, Willie Marfeo was murdered in a telephone booth in the Federal Hill section of Providence. His murder has never been solved. We discuss the events leading up to his murder and its aftermath. Happy Birthday t...

Raymond Patriarca Providence Louis Manocchio Marfeo Melei Rudy Sciarra