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Nov. 14, 2022

California Dreaming - Joseph Barboza - Part 2

California Dreaming - Joseph Barboza - Part 2

"Tell Denny [Condon] I still love him.... if Rico was here, he'd help me." --August 1970 letter from Joe Barboza to Walter Barnes.

Joe Barboza is back. After perjuring himself at the FBI's behest, Barboza is shipped off to California. But he just can't stay away from Massachusetts and makes multiple trips back home until he's finally arrested in New Bedford in July 1970. And the Feds' cases begin to fall apart.

Dying to be Made

Teddy Deegan 1

Teddy Deegan 2

Teddy Deegan 3

As the Coin-O-Matic Turns

The Hit Parade of 1965

The Hit Parade of 1966

They're After Me

Jack's Justice - Part 3

Note: Look for the end of Barboza's life and criminal career next week.

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