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December 06, 2021

Lessons Learned and Not - Heists of the 1930s

A constant “student” of crime, Jack Kelley analyzed other crimes not to replicate them, but rather not to repeat their mistakes. We are taking one last journey to the 1930s to examine some of the lessons Jack took away from h...

Boston Robberies Bank Robbers

September 12, 2021

My Getaway Car Was A Lawnmower - Billie "Aggie"

We heard a little bit about Billie Aggie in episode 1. Today we will be discussing two more of Billie's heists, and how he found himself voted out of Walpole State Prison.

Jack "Red" Kelley Billie Aggie Bank Robbers

September 06, 2021

Let's Go To The Track! - John J. "Red" Kelley - The Early Years

Jack Kelley was called "Swiss watch" for the precision with which he planned robberies. But a simple trip to the race track led to his first arrest. This episode will cover the early years of John J. Kelley's criminal career....

Jack "Red" Kelley Billie Aggie Bank Robbers