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Frank Salemme Episodes

January 16, 2023

Frank Salemme - A Tribute

Frank Salemme passed away on December 13, 2022. This week's episode is a short tribute to his life along with a few perhaps lesser known stories. There will be much more to come about Frankie and his activities later this sea...

Frank Salemme

October 31, 2022

Finding Frankie Salemme - The 1972 Arrest

Frank Salemme, Stephen Flemmi and Peter Poulos take off on SA Rico's instructions. Back home in Boston, Detective Billy Stuart & Hugh Shields go on trial for the 1967 murder of Billy Bennett. Three years later, Salemme is app...

Jimmy Flemmi Stevie Flemmi John Fitzgerald Frank Salemme

September 19, 2022

Taking it on the Lam

Mello Merlino, Stevie Flemmi, Peter Poulos, Frankie Salemme and Frank Vendi all go on the lam. A new FBI Top Echelon Informant is placed on the books. And SA Rico recruits Robert Daddieco to further his case to Hoover and Tol...

FBI Informants Stevie Flemmi H. Paul Rico Dennis Condon Vincent Teresa Carmello Merlino Frank Salemme