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Henry Tameleo Episodes

April 11, 2022

Frank Smith - Thief, Bomber, Pastor & Nazi Sympathizer

Frank Smith was more than just a thief. An associate of Raymond Patriarca who was labeled by the press as a "big wheel" and one of the best "dynamite men" in the business, Frank would later be famous for his Nazis in Maine sa...

Jimmy Flemmi Joseph Barboza Raymond Patriarca Henry Tameleo Sammy Linden Frank Smith Teddy Green Harvey Bistany

March 28, 2022

Edward "Teddy" Deegan - Part 2 - The Murder Investigation

Edward "Teddy" Deegan was murdered in Chelsea, Massachusetts on the evening of March 12, 1965. His murderers were never prosecuted. Instead, the FBI launched a decades-long coverup to protect his murderers, using one of them,...

FBI Informants Jimmy Flemmi Joseph Barboza H. Paul Rico Dennis Condon Boston Henry Tameleo Teddy Deegan Peter Limone

March 14, 2022

New York State of Mind - Raymond Patriarca

New England mafia boss Raymond Patriarca returns as he attempts to play power games with the New York mafia families, and closer to home in Massachusetts. Spoiler: it ends badly! Episode 21 Episode 22 Follow us on Twitter for...

Mafia Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo Henry Tameleo

January 24, 2022

La "Causa" Nostra - The Hill - Part 1

In March 1962, the FBI installed a wiretap at New England mafia boss Raymond Patriarca's office in Providence, Rhode Island. The Coin-O-Matic on Atwells Ave. was Grand Central Station with people coming to Raymond with their ...

FBI Mafia Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo Henry Tameleo Providence