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May 23, 2022

The Nite Lite

The 1966 slayings of Tash Bratsos and Tommy dePrisco were the catalyst for Joe Barboza becoming the FBI's star witness in multiple cases against the Boston Mafia. This week we're profiling some of the men who frequented Ralph...

Mafia Stevie Flemmi John Martorano Ilario Zannino Ralph Lamattina

April 18, 2022

The Hit Parade of 1965 - The Slain & The Suspects

The gangland slayings continued in 1965. We're profiling the victims, and sharing own our theories, opinions (and snarky comments) about the FBI's investigations. Episode 25 Episode 17 Follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks of ...

Mafia Jimmy Flemmi Joseph Barboza Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo Maurice "Pro" Lerner Jack "Red" Kelley Richard Chicofsky McLean McLaughlin Winter Hill

March 14, 2022

New York State of Mind - Raymond Patriarca

New England mafia boss Raymond Patriarca returns as he attempts to play power games with the New York mafia families, and closer to home in Massachusetts. Spoiler: it ends badly! Episode 21 Episode 22 Follow us on Twitter for...

Mafia Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo Henry Tameleo

February 14, 2022

Dying To Be Made - Joe Barboza - The Early Days

Self-proclaimed contract killer for the New England Mafia in the 1960s, Joe "The Animal" Barboza would go on to become the FBI's star witness in multiple murder cases. His perjury put numerous innocent people in prison for li...

FBI Mafia Informants Joseph Barboza Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo Hitman

February 07, 2022

"They're After Me Like a F*ing Animal" - Jerry Angiulo - The Early Days

Boston crime czar Jerry Angiulo kept a tight inner circle and only worked with his brothers when he started out. Initially confining their activities to bookmaking, the Angiulo enterprise expanded into money lending, restaura...

Mafia Joseph Barboza Boston Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo

January 31, 2022

Family Feud - The Hill - Part 2

As the Gang War in Boston heated up, the gang on Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, had a feud of their own going on. But this time it was very much a family affair. Featuring the crimes and family drama of the Baccari...

Mafia Raymond Patriarca Baccari Jack Nazarian

January 24, 2022

La "Causa" Nostra - The Hill - Part 1

In March 1962, the FBI installed a wiretap at New England mafia boss Raymond Patriarca's office in Providence, Rhode Island. The Coin-O-Matic on Atwells Ave. was Grand Central Station with people coming to Raymond with their ...

FBI Mafia Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo Henry Tameleo Providence

January 17, 2022

Uncle Sam Needs You - Cuba, The Mafia, Castro & JFK

In this episode, we will be discussing the Mafia's role in Cuba, the various plots to kill Castro and theories about the assassination of President Kennedy. Follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks of upcoming episodes. You can a...

FBI Mafia Castro CIA JFK Sam Giancana Johnny Roselli Santo Trafficante

November 22, 2021

Disorganized Crime - Raymond Patriarca - The Early Days

Raymond L.S. Patriarca is infamous in his role as the Boss of the New England Mafia for nearly 30 years. Join us this week as we talk about Patriarca's early life of crime, and the many failures along the way to his rise to p...

Mafia Raymond Patriarca Providence Prison Breaks Bootleggers

November 15, 2021

The Founding Fathers - Organized Crime in Early 20th Century Boston

Starting with the days when the Camorra ruled Boston, we introduce the Sicilian men who toppled them: Don Nene Terruso, Don Pepino Modica, Don Filippo Bruccola, and more. And don't miss Lara's personalized food tour of Boston...

Mafia Boston Bootleggers

October 18, 2021

Moldy Loot - Fats Buccelli, Wimpy Bennett & the Brink's Money

The only money from the Brink's robbery ever recovered was found in June 1956. $57K of rotted and moldy cash wrapped in old newspapers was discovered behind a wall in an office on Tremont Street. Join us this week as we discu...

Mafia Boston Brinks Wimpy Bennett John "Fats" Buccelli