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November 29, 2021

On the Waterfront - The Boston Version

We are taking a deep dive into the origins of the McLean McLaughlin Gangland War of the 1960s. A war for territory marked by boxing matches, attempted car bombings, and the murder of more than 60 men. The Boston FBI Office al...

FBI Informants McLean McLaughlin Buddy McLean Winter Hill Punchy McLaughlin George McLaughlin Bernie McLaughlin

November 08, 2021

An Unconfidential Informant - Richard Chicofsky - Part 2

Richie gets out of jail and returns to work for Mafia boss Ralphie Lamattina. He also starts robbing banks with Jack Kelley, and gun running. A not-so-chance meeting with FBI Special Agent H Paul Rico leads him to a crossroad...

FBI Informants Boston Richard Chicofsky

November 01, 2021

Hoover's All American Boys

Meet the men of the Boston FBI office who comprised the special task force that was created to solve the Great Brink's Heist of 1950. Five of these men would go on to form the organized crime task force charged with bringing ...


October 11, 2021

The CI Program & H. Paul Rico - The Early Days

We are introducing Richie's nemesis in our story this week: H Paul Rico. Join us as we cover the early years of Rico's life and FBI career. We're also talking about the FBI's Confidential Informant Program and some of its ear...

FBI H. Paul Rico