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May 09, 2022

Mutual Harassment - The Plymouth Mail Robbery Investigation Continues

After the Plymouth Mail Truck Robbery, Jack and his crew were under constant surveillance by the Postal Inspectors, Feds, Staties and local Police. But it was mainly the Postals who were breathing down their necks. Not one to...

Maurice "Pro" Lerner Jack "Red" Kelley Plymouth Mail Robbery Carmello Merlino Richard Chicofsky Sonny Diaferio Thomas Richards Roy Appleton F. Lee Bailey Armored Truck Heists

May 02, 2022

Back in the Saddle Again - Jack "Red" Kelley's Armored Truck Heists

Jack “Red” Kelley loved taking armored trucks more than any other type of heist. We highlight the larger and more spectacular ones from 1965 to 1967. Plus, one of the men in Jack's crew calls FBI Director J Edgar Hoover from ...

Jack "Red" Kelley Carmello Merlino Richard Chicofsky Sonny Diaferio Armored Truck Heists

April 18, 2022

The Hit Parade of 1965 - The Slain & The Suspects

The gangland slayings continued in 1965. We're profiling the victims, and sharing own our theories, opinions (and snarky comments) about the FBI's investigations. Episode 25 Episode 17 Follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks of ...

Mafia Jimmy Flemmi Joseph Barboza Raymond Patriarca Jerry Angiulo Maurice "Pro" Lerner Jack "Red" Kelley Richard Chicofsky McLean McLaughlin Winter Hill

February 28, 2022

The Defense Never Rests - Meet the Lawyers

Jack Kelley returns with his attorneys, John Fitzgerald and F Lee Bailey. Richie inserts himself into the Plymouth Mail Robbery investigation. The Feds wanted Richie to kidnap one of his fellow crew members OSS-style: using a...

Jack "Red" Kelley Billie Aggie Richard Chicofsky F. Lee Bailey John Fitzgerald Joseph Balliro Al Farese Ronald Chisholm

January 03, 2022

Maurice "Pro" Lerner - Not Your Average Hitter" - The Early Years

Alleged mafia hitman and CIA recruit Maurice Pro Lerner compiled a batting average of .308 with 24 home runs and 225 RBI over the course of his 482 game baseball career. But he was just as well known for his antics off the fi...

Maurice "Pro" Lerner Jack "Red" Kelley Billie Aggie Hitman

December 27, 2021

Billie Aggie - The Plymouth Mail Robbery Investigation Begins

Jack Kelley's former partner, Billie Aggie, returns to star as the Postal Inspectors' "Expert" Investigator in the Plymouth Mail Robbery. Billie introduces Maurice "Pro" Lerner into Jack's circle, but Jack is one step ahead o...

FBI Informants Jack "Red" Kelley Plymouth Mail Robbery

December 20, 2021

The Great Plymouth Mail Robbery

Last week we told you how the Plymouth Mail Robbery job dropped into Jack Kelley's lap in a Watertown diner, and introduced you to the Dream Team Jack assembled to take down the largest cash score in history. This week Jack d...

Jack "Red" Kelley Plymouth Mail Robbery Carmello Merlino Richard Chicofsky Sonny Diaferio Thomas Richards Roy Appleton Robberies

December 13, 2021

Plymouth, More Than Just a Rock - The Planning of the Plymouth Mail Robbery

Still considered unsolved, the Plymouth Mail Robbery was the largest cash heist of all time when it was carried out in 1962. Jack "Red" Kelley was producer, architect, director, and the lead in its performance. We take you be...

Jack "Red" Kelley Plymouth Mail Robbery Carmello Merlino Richard Chicofsky Sonny Diaferio Thomas Richards Roy Appleton Robberies

September 27, 2021

Conman to Armorer - Roy Appleton - The Early Years

In Episode 4 we will be discussing Roy Appleton. The man who from his grave would be the beginning of the end for former FBI SA, H. Rico. Rico who spent his final days in prison, just as many of the men he put away. Nina and ...

Jack "Red" Kelley Richard Chicofsky Roy Appleton

September 12, 2021

My Getaway Car Was A Lawnmower - Billie "Aggie"

We heard a little bit about Billie Aggie in episode 1. Today we will be discussing two more of Billie's heists, and how he found himself voted out of Walpole State Prison.

Jack "Red" Kelley Billie Aggie Bank Robbers

September 06, 2021

Let's Go To The Track! - John J. "Red" Kelley - The Early Years

Jack Kelley was called "Swiss watch" for the precision with which he planned robberies. But a simple trip to the race track led to his first arrest. This episode will cover the early years of John J. Kelley's criminal career....

Jack "Red" Kelley Billie Aggie Bank Robbers